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Alfred McNair

Data Analytics
Business Intelligence

Integrated Marketing Automation

The sharpest analysts let data drive their theories. The greatest strategists seek to understand before they act. The most effective leaders trust their team and help them grow.

Alfred McNair 

1. Gathering Data

Tagging, Tracking & Testing your marketing platforms to understand & optimize the customer experience.

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2. Analysis & Reporting

Integrating Google & Adobe Analytics with Business Intelligence to find opportunities for change and growth

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3. Keyword & Market Research 

Aligning your service and products with current & future consumer trends.

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4.Professional Journey 

Solving Problems With You!

2021 Director BI & CRM - American Safety Council.

Technology Team, CRM Tooling, & Outbound Marketing Management; Cloud Engineering & Data Architecture 


Dragon At The Gate:

Scoping, Architecture, and Buildout of Data Integration Hub and Universal Data Model - servicing 4 Learning management systems, 200 employees, & over 4M customers with operational, and analytical reports and dashboards

2019 Sr. Mngr. Marketing Technology - American Safety Council

Outbound Marketing, Analytics, Data Management, CRO Testing, Market Research, Sr. Leadership Team. 


Dragon Slain:

20 Gig data Validation & Business Intelligence Software Integration. 


2020 SCRUM PSPO Certifications

2016 Wine & Spirits Distribution Logistics Consultant - Tavistock

Fleet & Path Analysis, Break-Even Analysis, Sensitivity Forcast, Inventory Management Plan, Professional Presentation. RFID stocking implementation.


Dragon Slain: Landed 5-Year beverage distribution contract with Tavistock restaurants for client.


2017-2018 Project Director - Giftilby Inc.

Technology Team Management, SCRUM Leader, Investor Liazon. Digital Marketing Director, Start-Up Planning, B2B Outreach.


Dragon Slain:

300+ Affiliate Sales contracts. Successful Project Beta in 11 Months. Integrated eCommerce in month 15.

2018 Completed Power BI Certification

2016 Start-Up Planner - SB Properties

Industry Research, Start-Up Plan, Corporate Identity, Business Plan, Operations Training, Policy & Procedure Documentation, Marketing Plan.


Dragon Slain:

Business Plan sufficient to obtain E-2 Visa in round1 of application 

2015 Technical Marketing Sprint Leader - Siemens

Headed Q3 Spring team in redesigns and interactive content updates for customer-facing technical sales and marketing team. New materials based on 6-Month energy market deep dive and historic energy customer net promoter score research 


Dragon Slain:

Conducted deep dive research and managed sprint team via Agile methodology. Completed final round of material delivery before the start of Q4 

2016 Distributed Generation Analyst - Siemens

Competitive research conducted on <5MW power generation market. B2B demand surveys conducted & fed into custom-built customer relationship model. Allowed for rapid customer comparison and energy modeling by technical field sales.


Dragon Slain: 120K performance and pricing records combined with market trend data and combined with customer performance records into interactive Tableau report. - Used to generate over $15M in sales during 2016.


2015 Completed AGILE Training

2012-2014 Marketing Consultant / Director - Savannah Pines

Led team of 7 sales and marketing professionals in the design, development, and branding of real estate development company. Integrated brand efforts, web media and advertising with sales initiatives. Conducted all broadcast media negotiation and contracting. Built and directed multi-channel marketing strategy 


Dragon Slain:

Rebrand and Marketing efforts turned $14M loss into $45M gain in under 3 years.

2014 Marketing Engineer - Siemens

Conducted market & competitive research for Combined Cycle Power Plant sales & marketing team. Built & maintained consolidated markets reporting suite for Marketing VP. Built & Maintained multiple technical models for sales and marketing team. 

Dragon Slain: Developed Interactive Energy Market Timing Model that directly contributed to over $200M in power plant sales through 2016.

2013 Completed Google Analytics Certification

2010 Marketing & Operations Management MBA Obtained from Rollins College

2011 Marketing Consultant / Manager - Assist-2-Sell

Designed multi-franchise website, including keyword content, analytics tracking, lead generation forms,  broker/agent login & CRM. Managed google ads, radio ad development & media purchasing, and multi-print channel marketing campaigns

Dragon Slain: Web-generated leads directly contributed to combined over $400K in combined commissions between 2 Mississippi, 2 Alabama, and 1 Louisiana brokerage franchises 

2011 - 2012 Web & Marketing Consultant Grind - Various

Designed web sites for multiple small businesses in Florida. Built Business and Marketing Plans for 2 Orlando restaurants.Managed social campaigns for several small businesses in Florida. 


Dragon(s) Slain:

Completed a successful social campaign for Hawkers Asian Street Fair; Assisted in the launch of Links of Love Pet Care Veterinary Service Clinic; Managed PR campaign for Maximos Tapas. Managed Destination Marketing for Costa Rica Resort 

2013 Technical Project Manager - Mississippi IPA

Lead 8 -man project team of developers, medical insurers, physician assistants, and legal consultants to develop HIPAA compliant intranet and web portal for Mississippi's Independent Physician Association.

Dragon Slain: Completed development 2 months ahead of schedule while delivering bonus addition of medical equipment seller API integration for quick resupply orders.

2005 - 2006  Investment Analyst - Stansberry & Associates

Provided secondary market research & company-specific value investment research for finanicial advisory company. Technology markets focus, with specialty in providing "win scenarios" based on potential business operations improvements.

Dragon Slain: Became youngest ever associate analyst in company history. Researched, wrote, & designed special announcement investment letter that netted $1.2M for the company.

2006 - 2008 Business Analyst - Washoe Investments

Performed general industry research for Investment Hedgefund with the greatest concentration is technology markets. Also conducted feasibility studies and business consulting for local acquisition targets. 


Dragon Slain:

Conducted study and negotiated investment in Jackson State University Stadium project that netted 32% annual returns for 7 years. 

2004 Finance & Marketing BA Obtained from University of Central Florida

2002-2004 Early Marketing Experience with Church Street Entertainment

2013 Completed Google Adwords Certification


5. Aptitudes

Data Management & Analysis

Tag Management

Conversion Rate Optimization

LEAN Project Management

Web Design & UX UI Planning

Search Engine Optimization

Market Research

Omnichannel Marketing

Organizational Leadership

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